In the construction domain, many workers are likely to fall due to various hazards. But contractors have now thought about installing guardrails to ensure safety. These serve as a barrier that helps prevent workers from falling off the scaffolding structure. Workers can always lean against the guardrails if they tend to lose their balance. But when you’re buying guardrail systems, you should consider some factors.

1. Guardrail Height

Before you plan to purchase a guardrail, you initially have to determine the clearance. This refers to the vertical distance between the pedestrians and the guardrails. If you place the guardrails high above the working surface, then workers will find it tough to climb. On the other hand, workers are more likely to fall if the guardrail is placed at a low level. Usually, the top rail of the guardrail system has to be somewhere between 38 inches and 45 inches. This range will ensure that the workers are adequately protected against falls.

2. Material 

Manufacturers actually don’t use the ideal material when designing guardrails. But before making a purchase, you have to consider many factors. The material of the guardrail should not only be easy to maintain but also corrosion resistant. You also have to consider strength and durability because the guardrails should withstand the weather conditions. If you’re going to set up guardrails in areas that face heavy traffic, then consider guardrails made from steel. But it’s better to choose something that meets your needs when buying guardrail systems.

3. Durability

Selecting a guardrail made of high-quality material is always critical. Materials like aluminum alloys and stainless steel are corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the material should also withstand harsh weather conditions and fluctuations in temperatures. The guardrail system should also sustain impacts from debris and even vehicles. This means that the material should be capable of absorbing and distributing the forces without getting deformed. 

4. Functionality

Whenever individuals are working at the construction site, the functionality of guardrail systems also matters most. Factors like height, spacing between pickets, and structural integrity have to be considered for the overall design. While you’re installing the guardrails near a certain area, it must be easier to climb. The guardrails should also not prevent workers from accessing a certain region. 

5 Safety

While buying guardrail systems, ensure that they meet safety standards and regulations. This will ensure safety for the workers due to adequate protection against falls. In addition, you can get in touch with guardrailing companies to comply with the guidelines of the federal government. In case you’re completely unaware of the standards, you can contact a firm that deals in guardrail installations. 

Finally, you can approach AAIT Scaffold when you’re planning to purchase guardrail systems. While we offer high-quality products, our guardrails meet industry standards to ensure maximum safety and durability. Such systems are also compliant with local regulations when you’re concerned about safety requirements. AAIT Scaffold further offers various options for guardrail systems to suit construction project requirements. If you have any concerns regarding guardrail systems, then you can seek assistance from a customer support team. 

5 FAQs To Consider When Buying Guardrail Systems

1. What do you need the guardrail for?

A guardrail is essentially used in scaffolding to ensure safety for the workers. These act as barriers to prevent accidental falls.  

2. How are guardrails evolving? 

Gaurdrails in scaffolding have been evolving to enhance safety and functionality. Professionals are also developing modular designs that are easier to assemble by leveraging scaffolding technology.

3. How long do you need the guardrail to last? 

The lifespan of a guardrail system depends on its application, maintenance, and the outdoor environment. If the guardrails are exposed to harsh weather conditions, then workers have to maintain them frequently.  

4. What codes apply to your guardrail?

Several codes and standards apply to guardrails. These include building codes, OSHA standards, and highway design standards.  

5. How do you want the guardrail to look?

The overall appearance of guardrails will entirely depend on the architectural style, color, finish, and choice of material. Even when manufacturers try to achieve the desired visual appeal, safety features have to be incorporated into the guardrails.

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