Guard Rail Gate allow safe ladder access to and from the working platform. The spring gate Mechanism ensures that the access opening remains fully closed at all times.

Material Structural Steel
Plank Width 9″ / 228.0mm.
Finish Hot Dip Galvanized.

Max. Clamp Bolt Tightening Torque: 67 Nm / 49 Ft.Lb
Hex Nut Size: 22.2 mm A/F

The new guard rail gate meets OSHA’s 1910.23 and is designed to be used on our guard rail system as well as competitor’s systems. AAIT’s guard rail gate swing direction is versatile, which allows you to re-purpose gates as required. Changing the direction of the gate is as simple as removing a few bolts and flipping the gate in the direction needed. Steel spring automatically closes gate after passage is complete.

Product Codes Max. Extend Length Min. Close Length Weight In kgs Weight In lbs
EGRG-26-43 4'-6" 2'-9" 12.25 27.0