Swiftly move Scaffold parts by fixing the 12 inch caster wheels from AAIT. The Rubber/Polyurethane wheels are more suitable to move them across different kinds of surfaces. While the fitting part of the Scaffold is made of high-strength low alloy structural steel.

Our heavy duty 12 inch caster wheels are made to last long and ensure user safety. If you cannot find the caster, wheel or option that you need for your application, we have many other 12 inch caster wheels options in stock. They have been tested for safety and performance per ANSI ICWM.

Use The Scaffold 12 inch caster wheels is used as a rolling base. It allows the scaffold to be moved to different locations without disassembling the scaffold.
Material High strength low alloy structural steel, rubber/polyurethane wheels
Finish Electroplated and powder coated
Product Codes Size Weight In kgs Weight In lbs
CR12 12" 10.4 22.8