Post Shores are used in various shoring and reshoring applications.


Product Codes Description Size Range Weight Packing
Lbs Kg Stillage Quantity
PS2-66-110 Post Shore
(Normal Duty)
46 20.9 Rack 60
PS2-86-130 Post Shore
(Normal Duty)
52.1 23.7 Rack 60
TEHP-E35-AT Post Shore
(Heavy Duty))
53.9 24.5 Rack 60
TEHP-E40-AT Post Shore
(Heavy Duty)
59.7 27.1 Rack 60
TEHP-D55-AT Post Shore
(Medium Duty)
59.7 37.4 Rack 60

Post Shoring: The Ideal Solution for Slab Formwork in Construction

Post Shoring is a highly efficient and durable formwork system used in construction to support slab formwork. Made from high-quality structural steel and finished with a hot dip galvanized coating, it provides exceptional strength and protection against corrosion.  

It is an ideal choice for projects that require a robust and long-lasting formwork solution. Post Shoring scaffold ensures that structures remain stable and safe. 

With its simple and intuitive design, Post shoring products are easy to install and can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements for: 

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Industrial Development projects

Trust AAIT for Post Shoring & Reshoring

As a trusted and highly preferred post-shore manufacturer and distributor in North America, AAIT has established a reputation for excellence.  Our Post Shores for Shoring & Reshoring can be re-engineered to meet specific project requirements and are suitable for:

  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • Expansion

AAIT prioritizes strength, efficiency, and long-term performance in the designing of our post-shoring products. We provide a wide range of scaffolding post-shoring solutions, for ease of use, reducing labor costs, and saving valuable time.