Tighten up or loosen up the Scaffold with Adjustable Screw Jack from AAIT. This Adjustable Screw Jack is corrosion resistant as it comes with a zinc plated / hot dip galvanized finish and is made of high-strength low alloy structural steel.

Use The adjustable screw jack & screw jack post is used as a starting base for a scaffold. It has an adjustable height to allow for compensation on uneven levels so that a level scaffold is always attainable. Any scaffold base should always be placed atop mudsills that are on proven solid ground.
Material High strength low alloy structural steel
Finish Zinc plated / Hot Dip Galvanized


Adjustable Screw Jack allows you to adjust the scaffold height to compensate for uneven terrain and maintain a level surface on the walk boards. Adjustable Screw Jack is made with high quality steel and durable enough to last for many years. All of the AAIT’s products have been load tested to allow for SAFE load ratings to be determined. Rest assured knowing that all load capacities seen on the AAIT’s website include a safety factor of 2.5 to 1 (or better)!

Adjustable Screw Jack Specifications:

  • Screw is Greased for easy tuning and to prevent rusting.
  • Proper bracing required Prevent lateral shifting.
  • Screw Jack is equipped with a safety lock.  Tighten safety lock with an Allen Wrench once final adjustment has been made to prevent accidental height adjustment to jack post.
Product Codes Size (mm) Weight In kgs Weight In lbs
SJB 36.5 Dia x 610 Lg. 4.1 9.1
BPSJB 38.0 Dia x 525 Lg. 4.0 8.9
TLA-5003 38 Dia x 650 Lg. 4.2 9.2
UH-5001 38 Dia x 610 Lg. 3.5 7.7