Make a proper base for the staircase in Scaffolds with AAIT’s Aluminum and Steel Stair Stringers and Stair Tread. Made of Aluminum alloy and steel, this can withstand heavy weights for a prolonged time. The galvanized layer keeps your Aluminum and Steel Stair Stringers looking good and strong. Need help picking the right Stair Stringers size­? OR want more info on our stair stringers? Please visit our contact us page to get answers to your questions.

Steel Stair Stringers

Elevate the strength and durability of your staircases with AAIT’s premium Steel Stair Stringers. Expertly engineered for maximum stability, these stringers are a robust foundation for any stair setup. Made from high-grade steel, they resist warping, splitting, and decay, ensuring longevity even under heavy use. Their uniform shape guarantees easy installation and a flawless fit with a variety of stair treads. 

Steel Stair Treads

Transform your staircase with AAIT’s resilient Steel Stair Treads. Created to provide great friction and steadiness, these treads are made of high-quality steel for strength and long-lasting service. By having a non-skid surface, they are much safer hence highly recommended where many people walk. Moreover, these steps do not require any special installation or maintenance procedures as they can be fitted on any stairs’ stringers. 
Use Stair units are used in Stair case tower where person can safely reach to a required level.
Material Aluminum alloy and steel
Finish Self Finish for aluminum sections and all steel is Hot Dip Galvanized.

Stair Tread

Product Codes Size Weight In kls Weight In lbs
CST-36 3'-6" 6.0 13.2
CST-40 4'-0" 6.7 14.7

Aluminum Stair Stringer (Lh)

Product Codes Size No. of Stair Tread Weight In kls Weight In lbs
CSSL-80 8'-0" 10 31.1 68.4
CSSL-82 8'-2" 10 31.3 68.9
CSSL-70 7'-0" 10 30.1 66.2

Aluminum Stair Stringer (RH)

Product Codes Size No. of Stair Tread Weight In kls Weight In lbs
CSSR-80 8'-0" 10 31.1 68.4
CSSR-82 8'-2" 10 31.3 68.9
CSSR-70 7'-0" 10 30.1 66.2

Steel Stair Units (Hot Dip Galvanized Finish)

Product Codes Bay Size Length Bay Size Width No. of Stingers NO. OF Stair Tread Weight In kgs Weight In lbs
RLSS70 7'-0" 3'-4" 1 LH+1 RH 10 103.6 227.9
RLSS80 8'-0" 4'-0" 1 LH+1 RH 10 130.5 287.1
RLSS82 8'-2" 4'-0" 1 LH+1 RH 10 134.0 294.8