Mäch Deck Shoring System is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system

Mäch Deck offers faster erection and stripping time than conventional shoring systems

Mäch Deck is ACI, OSHA, NSI, SSFI, ANSI, and BSI compliant

Mäch Deck System by Technocraft Industries is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system. Mäch Deck offers more erection, stripping and financial satisfaction than can ever be expected from conventional shoring systems. Mäch Deck can accommodate drop bands, drop heads and it’s design allows for all interruptions.



Mäch Deck System will be very effective for obtaining a 3-4 day slab cycle for a typical project. The shuttering speed clocked till date is approx 30 per man hour and de-shuttering at 60 sq. m. per man hour. The number of components is the lowest as compared to any system which is essential when working at great heights.

Some of the key features are:-

Modular design. The system can be easily expanded and reduced for changing slab heights and areas.

The panels of Mäch Deck can be used with any standard scaffolding or shoring system.

  • System is safely erected and stripped from the floor below.
  • System’s Panels can be removed at 2000 psi without disturbing props or concrete.
  • System can be erected in any or all of 4 directions simultaneously.
  • System requires no “x” bracing.
  • System’s heaviest component, an 2400 mm X 1200 mm panel, can be carried by any two men.
  • System can erect any type of building or parking garage.
  • System’s Telescopic beam and Filler Beams make shoring around columns and other interruptions easy, efficient, and cost-effective.
  • System’s components are not welded.
  • System’s Components are sturdy and durable for ease of handling and longevity.
Below are the three simple steps* to erecting the Mäch Deck Shoring System from the safety of the working floor