Lattice Girder Design

Expand Scaffold length to allow more workforce to work simultaneously and speed up work with Ringlock Lattice Girder Design from AAIT. This is made of high strength low alloy structural steel and comes with a hot dip galvanized finish.

Lattice Girder Design is a fascinating and crucial aspect of structural engineering, blending aesthetics with functionality. A lattice girder, distinguished by its triangular web pattern, offers a unique solution for spanning large distances with minimal material use, making it both economical and environmentally friendly. This Lattice Girder Design enables efficient load distribution, allowing for lighter construction without compromising strength.

The ingenuity of lattice girder design lies in its geometric configuration. The triangular webbing, a series of interconnected diagonal members, effectively transfers loads to the support points. This geometry not only provides excellent load-bearing capacity but also allows for flexibility in design, accommodating various architectural styles and functional requirements.

Lattice Girder Design Specifications:

Use Lattice Girder Design are horizontal members of Ringlock Scaffolding that allow for scaffolding over large spans or gaps
Material High strength low alloy structural steel
Finish Hot dipped galvanized
Product Codes Size Weight In kgs Weight In lbs
TRLLG6 6'-0" 22.1 48.62
TRLLG7 7'-0" 27.4 60.28
TRLLG8 8'-0" 28.6 64.06
TRLLG9 9" 31.7 69.74
TRLLG10 10'-0" 36.7 80.74
TRLLG12 12'-0" 41.0 90.2
TRLLG14 14'-0" 48.2 106.0
TRLLG16 16'-0" 53.6 118.0
TRLLG18 18'-0" 58.0 127.6
TRLLG20 20'-0" 68.5 150.7
TRLLG21 21'-0" 70.6 155.3
TRLLG28 28'-0" 93.0 204.6