forged swivel coupler

This Heavy Duty Forged Swivel Coupler offer seamless grip to perpendicular pipes in Scaffolding. Corrosion resistance is guaranteed with Electroplated finish.

Use Forged couplers are used to connect & clamp two pipes perpendicular to each other in a scaffold.
Material Q235/S.235/EQUIVALANT
Finish Electro-plated minimum 10-15 microns

What is Forged Swivel Coupler

The forged swivel coupler is a form of dual scaffolding coupler that can join two scaffold tubes at any angle. It is a dual scaffold coupler that is widely used in civil, industrial and commercial scaffolding construction, as well as oil gas and offshore maintenance.

Compared to pressed steel swivel couplers, forged swivel coupler withstand more load. Thus, it is employed for heavy type 4 scaffolding pipes. To prevent corrosion, the forged swivel coupler are E-galvanized (zinc-plated) or hot dip galvanised. Send us an email for the catalogue and rates.


Product Codes Duty Size PCS/Wire Basket Weight In kgs Weight In lbs
FSC-00 NORMAL 48.3 × 48.3 mm (1.9" × 1.9") 1000 1.2 2.6
CSA19 HEAVY 48.3 × 48.3 mm (1.9" × 1.9") 1000 1.8 4.0