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What are the Types, Applications, and Configurations Of Steel Stair Stringers At AAIT?

Steel stair stringers

Scaffolding is a structure that supports loads, and the structure itself consists of different scaffolding accessories. These include tubes, clamps, base jacks, ladders, planks, etc. One of the many pieces of scaffolding equipment is steel stair stringers, which is a structural member that supports the treads and risers in a standard staircase.

AAIT, a scaffolding equipment company in the USA, manufactures stair stringers for better accessibility at heights. This article highly concentrates on the types, applications, benefits, and available variants of steel stringers at AAIT.

What Are Steel Stair Stringers?

Scaffold stair stringers are handrail supports for scaffold stair threads. These stringers are found in cuplock, ringlock, and kwickstage scaffolding systems. It is a support structure that runs vertically underneath the stairs, either centrally or at the side of the stairs. Even though a stringer looks like it’s only there for support, it can add a lot of style and sophistication to your staircase.

Types Of Steel Stair Stringers

There are three types of steel stair stringers.

     1. Closed Stringers

Most traditional staircases have closed stringers, which are the most common type of commercial steel stair stringer. They are also used on some of the most modern steel ladder designs. Two parallel stringers run down each side of the treads and close in the treads and risers. This makes clean, straight lines that work well in any space.

Advantages of Closed Stringers:

  1. Closed stair stringers can be made with either open or closed risers, depending on what you need and how you want the stairs to look.
  2. Most of the time, it’s easier and cheaper to build stairs with closed stair stringers. Most of the time, stringers are already cut.

    2. Double Stringer

This includes two stringers outside of each stair tread. A double stair stringer is used in commercial spaces. It is used for prefabricated stair systems and stair railings. These stringers are often used for egress stairs in businesses, industrial stairs, and metal stairs in homes. The double-stringer design adds extra support to meet engineering standards and make sure the design is safe and will last.

Advantages of double stringers:

  1. Great design for prefabricated stairs that will make putting them together easier.
  2. Fire escape stairs and industrial stairs are made to be flexible and useful.
  3. For the stairs to meet engineering standards, they have double-stringer supports to make them stronger.

    3. Center Beam Stringer

Center beam stringers are a type of mono stringer that is used on high-end stairs in offices, hotels, and other places where they will be seen a lot. This kind of stringer is made with a single beam, usually made of steel or stainless steel, that sits under the stair treads and gives the stairs their support. 

Stringers with a center beam are often used in grand and special staircases. The stringer is attached to the underside of the stringers and runs down the middle of the flight.

Advantages of Center Beam Stringers:

  1. Gives ornamental and feature staircases a high-end designer look.

Benefits of Steel Stair Stringers 

  1. The main benefit of using a steel stair stinger is that it is strong and durable, so it can handle heavy loads and a lot of traffic.


  1. Steel stringers can be bent into almost any shape. This lets you make custom staircases, like curved or spiral ones, and gives them a modern look.


  1. Steel stringers are easier to put in place than wood stringers because they can just be bolted together. Prefab steel stringers are cheaper to put in than wood stringers because they are easier to put in. This is true whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.


  1. Steel stair stringers are easy to keep up, whether they are inside or outside. They can handle harsh weather, don’t rot, and don’t get eaten by bugs.


  1. Steel stringers are fire resistant, which is another safety feature of egress stairs.

Configurations of Steel Stair Stringers Available At AAIT

Every scaffolding accessory from the house of AAIT comes with a galvanizing finish, and specifically, stair stringers are made of strong steel and aluminum alloy. 

Scaffolding Accessories Sizes
Stair Tread 3.6’; 4.0’
Aluminum Stair Stringer (Lh) 7’; 8’; 8.2’
Aluminum Stair Stringer (Rh) 7’; 8’; 8.2’
Steel Stair Units Bay Length – 7’; 8’; 8.2’

Bay Width – 3.4’; 4’

Final Thoughts

Stair stringers are important as they provide vertical support that runs along each side or center of the staircase. Stair stringers can be made of different materials, styles, and finishes that can affect how the stairs look and how well they work. It is employed in modern and architectural construction projects that support heavy weights. 

AAIT is a scaffolding parts and accessories supplier in the USA that delivers reliable scaffolding equipment. The special commercial steel stair stringers are constructed to withstand heavy weights for a prolonged period of time. 

If you are looking for the best steel stringers, AAIT is your stop.