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Things You Need To Check Before Buying Professional Scaffolding Online

Things You Need To Check Before Buying Professional Scaffolding Online

The construction in the USA has grown by 6% in the year 2021 and is expected to show growth of an additional 6% in the current year i.e. 2022. The increase in construction lines is directly proportional to the increase in demand for scaffold system. This also opens the doors for the scaffolding manufacturers to provide quality accessories. 

Now here, we can have a huge guide on the quality of scaffold accessories, but what about the scenario wherein you have to buy accessories online? 

To answer this question, here are some tips you can follow to ensure a quality scaffold system while buying scaffolding online.

8 Tips For Buying Scaffold System Online

     1. You should know the intent of the scaffold system

The intent of your scaffold system is directly linked to all the aspects of the system including material, height, amount, and so on. To get a mobile scaffold or customized patented scaffolds, you need to make sure:

The maximum height you require- This will allow you to find the best-suited scaffold from a series available in different sizes and dimensions. 

Intent Scaffold system
Centro comercial Moctezuma Small scaffolds
Working on large buildings with considerable heights Mobile towers
Working on higher heights Mobile towers/ small scaffolds + scaffolding risers

     2. Maintain standards

The important decision for buying scaffolding online is by ensuring that you are standing on standards. 

You need to surf about international scaffolding standards being used at the location of your site. 

The standards have different sets of individual components like couplers, tubes, boards and standard specifications of system scaffolding. 

Additionally, the standards of each individual component are with regards to weight bearing capacities, the material used, width allowed, and many more as per operational requirements. 

     3. Study the ground on which scaffolding will be placed

This also adds up while buying scaffolding online. You should check whether the ground is leveled (even) or uneven. You also need to keep a check on construction rules that revolve around on-site safety and avoiding hazards. 

Ground Eg. Scaffolding system
Flat / Even Concrete You can use scaffoldings that come with excellent anti-slip resistant feet
Uneven Muddy You should ensure the leveling devices are compatible with your scaffolding model

     4. Scaffolding material

With an extensive range of materials including aluminum scaffolds, steel scaffold systems and alloys scaffolding materials, the choice best fitting to your construction site is to be made. 

Environment Material Specifics
Low-risk & safe Aluminum Lightweight, anti-rust & ensures maximum stability
High-risk Steel & Iron Shock resistant, prone to rust, maximum strength & durability

Steel & Iron scaffoldings are used in large scale construction sites and are used for the application of anti-rust paints. 

     5. Go High Tech

With High Tech, we mean simple scaffolding but huge advantages while integrating with the construction system. It will give you quick assembly and on-site adaptations. It is also important to assure a proper user guide before buying scaffolds, which will save your time from unnecessary clogs while on site. 

    6. Access the accessibility

The vertical access requirements are important aspects that are to be overseen while selecting scaffoldings. 

Ladders are well recognised as the most dangerous piece of equipment on any worksite, yet they are still regularly employed in scaffolding setups.

It also raises safety issues for workers. Thus, it is better to look for an alternative like an aluminum stairway that is dropped external to the scaffold to ease worker accessibility. 

Scaffold System

     7. Check out the supplier

It is always recommended to put your efforts into research for the company you are opting to  buy the scaffold system

Check the references before choosing a scaffolding supplier, and trust the one with a better experience. This will give you a better advantage in terms of scaffold planning parameters. 

     8. Check technical support

The scaffolding manufacturer you are choosing should have a strong technical support team that can help you. This will get you out of a situation wherein the accessories have defects or the entire batch has a fault. A failure of a single scaffold can damage the entire framework, and thus, in this case, the technical support will help you replace them. You can also ask for independent test certificates for products. This will build trust regarding better service products. 


When it comes to purchasing specialized scaffolding equipment online, you must have a very clear understanding of what you want. Scaffolding and mobile access towers are certainly two of the most challenging products to buy online. These are large pieces of equipment that must be carefully selected in terms of safety and intended usage. 

We hope this article has a better checklist for buying scaffolding online

The 10 Different Scaffold System Types Used in Construction

The 10 Different Scaffold System Types Used in Construction

Scaffold systems, used in construction, are temporary platforms to elevate, support the work crew, and aid the construction process.

It is an intricate framework of wooden platforms or pipes that maintain the structure properly. These systems allow workers access to heights, safety, attain better positions on walls, ceilings, windows & outer spaces; and enhance work efficiency. 

There are various types of scaffold systems used in construction works used for different purposes.

Below mentioned are the types of scaffolding used in construction

     1. Single scaffolding 

Also known as bricklayer scaffolding, incorporates the single framework of standards, ledgers, and putlogs which are connected together. 

These scaffold systems stand parallel to a wall by using standards i.e. vertical supports. The standards are attached to the ledger i.e. horizontal supports. 

For a framework of standards & ledgers to stay parallel to the wall, putlogs are connected with the hole in the wall made at a distance of 1.5 m to the ledger. It is most preferred in brick masonry works. 

     2. Double scaffolding

Also known as independent scaffolding, incorporates two rows of scaffolding, one at a distance of 20-30 cm from the wall, and another 1 m away from the preceding one. 

The putlogs are then placed which are supported by both frames. For additional support, rakers (are a type of tie that secures to a building) and cross braces (hold a part of the scaffolding system in a fixed position in relation to another) are provided. 

It is most preferred in stone masonry works, where making holes in the wall isn’t feasible.

     3. Cantilever scaffolding

Also known as needle scaffold, in which the standards are supported on a series of needles taken out through holes in the wall. 

Needles are protrusions sticking out from a structure on which a platform sits. The needles may eject from the wall (single frame type cantilever scaffolding) or from inside the floors via opening (double frame type cantilever scaffolding). 

It is employed in conditions where the ground does not have the capacity to support standards or when the upper part of the wall is under construction. 

     4. Suspended scaffolding

When the height is above 30 meters, the convenient way is to suspend the working platform from above the ground. 

An electronic system supports the working platform to raise and lower as per the needs. The wires or chains are also used to suspend the platform from the roof in some cases. 

Suspended scaffolding is often used in tasks like painting, cleaning, and repairing

     5. Trestle scaffolding

Also known as ladder scaffolding, the movable working platform is supported on movable tripods or ladders. It can be easily assembled & dismantled. It is used for indoor & outdoor purposes including repair, maintenance, warehouse services, and painting to a maximum height of 5 meters. 

     6. Steel scaffolding

Also known as tube & clamp scaffolding or tubular scaffolding it is a framework made of steel tubes fixed with steel couplers or fittings. It gives better strength, durability, and is fire resistant. It is easy to construct & dismantle. It is preferable for any structure building, even the odd-shaped ones, inside the plants, etc.  

     7. Patented scaffolding

These are ready-made scaffoldings made up of steel and are equipped with special couplings and frames. The working platform in this scaffold system is arranged on brackets that are adjustable at required levels.

     8. Cuplock system

It incorporates standards, ledgers, transom & base plate. The ledger has blades on both ends & standard has the cup locks throughout its length. 

The locking cups have two elements namely- the bottom cup and top cup which are connected to ledgers to form an entire scaffold system connected by standards and ledgers. 

It is preferable to facade scaffolds, birdcage structures, staircases, shoring structures, mobile towers, etc. 

     9. Kwikstage scaffolding

It incorporates standards, ledgers, basic jack, and hook-on boards. The locking system in Kwikstage scaffolding is – 

  • The ledgers are secured by transoms in the V-shaped lock of standards
  • It is adaptable to commercial and residential projects. 
  • It has a non-slip platform, galvanized steel scaffolding materials, a durable interlocking system, and is customizable, making it more popular. 

     10. Staircase Tower Scaffolding

It comprises steel access stairs and is connected with cuplock scaffolding. It is best to access the main scaffolding platform for work with greater safety. Workers can carry their tools via a ladder. It is a scaffolding to reach high elevations of a building. 

 increasing construction lines

With increasing construction lines, there is an increase in the demand for a scaffold system. 

AAIT scaffold is a leading scaffolding company in Houston. We provide the basic building blocks of scaffolds and readymade scaffolds to ease your construction work with utter safety. 

From scaffold tube clamps, ring lock systems, and cuplock systems, to providing aluminum scaffold planks; we are top scaffolding manufacturers and distributors; who are just a call away.