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Benefits of Ringlock Scaffolding System

Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding System

Scaffoldings are used to provide a safe working platform and access that is suitable for a work crew to carry out their work. The scaffold systems are made of materials that are substantially independent. These individual components are highly durable and reliable, which together ensure high safety and accessibility. 

Amongst many types of scaffolding systems, ringlock scaffolding is the most sophisticated and complete scaffolding system in the market. It is designed to have minimal components, with an easy setup procedure and total safety. 

It has a built-in safety mechanism and a high load-bearing capacity. With easy assembling and disassembling procedures, ringlock system scaffolding has been a popular choice today. 

In this article, we shall review why ringlock scaffolding is a popular choice. 

What is a ringlock scaffolding system?

The Ringlock system enhances the performance of construction projects. It is ideal for structures with complex elevations and shapes. It has very strong angular flexibility, and its design requires minimal storage space. Its versatility broadens its sites of usage, i.e., in the construction industry, offshore construction, industrial maintenance, and shipbuilding.

It is a modern scaffolding system that aids construction work. The heart of this system is a single rosette that allows three braces and three horizontals to be attached. This allows the ringlock system to attain circular, curved, or straight structures, which can be used for mobile and independent towers. 

Components of the Ringlock Scaffolding System

Ringlock scaffolding parts Description
Vertical post/Standards They aim to give vertical support and come in different dimensions to adapt to any structure.
Horizontal ledgers They aim to provide horizontal support for platforms and loads. They can also be used as guardrails.
Ringlock braces To provide lateral support to the scaffold. They can be used as guardrails, tension, or compression members.
Truss Ledgers To increase the strength of the scaffold and enable additional load-bearing capacity.
Base Jacks To provide a starting point for a ringlock system. It enables height adjustments when working on an uneven surface.
Board Brackets To connect two or more scaffolding parts. It is also used at the edge of scaffolding to extend the reach of the extension on any side of the scaffold.  
Planks This aids the working platform for the work crew. 
Rosette clamp To aid connections of multiple ledgers or diagonal braces. It allows up to six connection points.
Spigot adaptor clamp It allows the connection of standards at intermediate locations.


Advantages of using Ringlock System

  1. A high degree of flexibility and versatility

With advanced technology, this system comes with 6 connections at each node. It enables the setting up of ledgers and braces at several angles via a single connection point. With this, it is possible to build intricate structures using the same ringlock scaffolding parts.

  1. Reduced errors

It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its simple design, components, and prefabricated connection points help eliminate errors. The erection involves the attachment of ledgers and diagonals to the rosette connector with just a few hammer strokes. This also saves time on maintenance tasks like cleaning the material. 

  1. Greater stability

This system comes with the best frame body, which enhances its stability. It includes support of complete vertical rod, horizontal-diagonal, and vertical-diagonal structures in the 3D space. This provides a lattice system that is strong, feasible, and durable. 

  1. Easy Storage

Ringlock scaffolding parts are light in weight and have less consumption. The maximum distance they can reach is 3 meters, and the step distance can reach up to 2 meters. Thus, the consumption in the same support area reduces. Thus, they are also easy to transport and store.

  1. High load-bearing capacity

The scaffolding parts come in a hot-dipped galvanized finish, which makes them durable and resistant to rust. 

This improves their service life and ensures product safety. The structure of ringlock scaffolding can bear maximum loads like concrete materials, scaffolding tools, etc. Due to their extensive load-bearing capabilities, they can be used as a shoring solution. 

  1. Easy assembly and pocket friendly

The simple design of this system enables quick and easy assembly. It also increases efficiency by more than three times. As the build and finishing quality of all the components of the system is the finest, they become pocket friendly. The comprehensive cost of set-up, labor cost, transportation, material loss, maintenance cost, re-purchase cost, etc. are reduced. Thus, the ringlock system becomes pocket friendly. 

With its wide array of advantages, the ringlock system becomes a popular choice. 

Final words

The Ringlock System proves to be reliable, safe, and efficient. It can be constructed with different shapes, sizes, and load-bearing capacities. Also, It is widely used in all types of construction projects due to its enhanced assembling and disassembling procedures.

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