Scaffold Tubes and Clamps

Tube and clamp scaffold, also known as tube and coupler scaffold, is a versatile scaffolding type that comprises components of steel tubes and clamps.

The entire scaffolding framework is a combination of vertical tubes connected to horizontal tubes via clamps. Further diagonal tubes are connected periodically to establish further stability. 

It is a system that is able to accommodate high heights and widths and can be equipped with other scaffolding accessories like decks, racks, etc. 

Thus, it is a full-fledged solution at different construction sites. Along with that, the quality of the scaffold tube and clamp is to be noted.

To serve the quality and quantity requirements, AAIT brings in a best-in-class tube and clamp scaffold components.

The company is a leading scaffold tube clamps supplier in the USA and aims to boost the productivity of construction sites by integrating scaffolding components with the latest technology. 

This not only ensures high productivity but also ensures the stability of the framework and the safety of scaffolders.

This article shall describe all the tube clamp components from the House of AAIT.

Tube and Clamp Accessories from AAIT

     1. I-Beam Tube Clamp

Also known as the Grave Lock Coupler is used as a coupler to tighten the tubes and deploy the workforce to complete the task.

It is used for suspended scaffolds and is made from high-quality structural steel. 

They come with electroplating of a minimum of 20 microns. These clamps are used to fasten scaffolding tubes to gliders and other steel sections, and they demand a specialized fitting.

Gravlock Couplers allow the fitting to be fastened to the beam first, which speeds up assembly. 

So, you can present and secure the tube with both hands. As the tube isn’t crushed against the beam, it isn’t deformed.

     2. Forged- Double

Also known as a right angle coupler, connects two scaffold tubes at right angles. 

They are made from low alloy steel material and have a maximum load-bearing capacity. 

They can resist both slipping and distortion. Its body is composed of flaps and T-bolts that can be removed for maintenance or replacement. 

At AAIT it is available in two variants-

  1. Normal duty- Its weight is 1 kg
  2. Heavy duty- Its weight is 1.7 kg

It comes with an electroplated finish of a minimum of 10-15 microns that offers seamless corrosion resistance.

     3. Forged- Swivel Coupler

It is a heavy-duty steel tube clamp that offers seamless grip to tubes placed at 90 degrees. It connects tubes at multiple angles for ledgers, facades, or similar bracing. 

They are made from Q235/S.235/Equivalent material to ensure tight fixing of scaffold tubes together.

At AAIT it is available in two variants-

  1. Normal duty- Its weight is 1.2 kg
  2. Heavy duty- Its weight is 1.8 ks

Both the variants are capable of handling heavy weights. Their make-up suits extreme climate conditions as they come with an electroplated finish of a minimum of 10-15 microns and offer seamless corrosion resistance.

     4. Tube Lock Base Plate

As the name suggests, it is used to build a strong base for the scaffold tube and clamp

It effectively spreads the load onto the sole plates, and all the uprights or tubes of a scaffold are mounted on these plates.

These are made from strong low alloy structural steel material and come with a hot-dip galvanized finish. 

They can be used on even and uneven ground to ensure the stability of the 3D scaffolding framework.

     5. Twist Lock/Tube Lock

The tubes have a unique locking mechanism that allows horizontals and verticals to interlock via holes engraved in them. 

It can be attached to a wall or staircase. The tubes are made from high-strength low-alloy structural steel material and come with a hot galvanized dip and zinc plating on the ends. 

The tubes are available in 9 dimensions- 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 13’, and 16’. 

     6. Ringlock System Rosette Clamp

It is specially used in the ringlock system that can be added at any point on the vertical standard. 

It has up to six connections and allows extreme versatility in terms of angles of attachments. This steel tube clamp is used for railing and supporting applications. 

They can also be used to connect tubes at several angles, giving rise to an intricate structure.

AAIT provides a rosette clamp made from structural steel and comes with a hot-dip galvanized finish. 

AAIT- Best-in-class tube and clamp scaffolding distributors in the USA

The clamps are mainly used for fixing and stabilizing the scaffold structure. Unlike the ancient structures that used ties and ropes to fix the connecting point, modernized scaffolding equipment has couplers to serve the purpose.

AAIT is the leading Scaffold distributor in the USA and other parts of the world. With an extensive experience of over 40 years, we have evolved with technology and served quality products. Our aim remains the same, serving quality and strong products to every client. So, book your free quote today.

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