Cuplock Scaffolding is a renowned and widely utilized scaffolding system in the Middle East. This galvanized or multipurpose steel scaffolding system is ideal for providing general access and supporting vertical loads. 

Its unique circular cup-node point sets it apart, enabling the connection of up to four horizontal scaffolds in a single installation. 

This feature not only enhances efficiency but also safety. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various facets of Cuplock scaffolding, from its components to its applications and the benefits it offers.

Understanding Cuplock Scaffolding

Unique Cup-Node Point: 

  • The distinguishing feature of Cuplock scaffolding is its circular cup-node point, allowing the connection of multiple horizontal scaffolds with unmatched ease. 
  • This feature makes Cuplock one of the fastest and safest scaffolding systems available.

Versatility in Applications: 

  • Cuplock scaffolding offers a wide range of components, making it compatible with conventional scaffolding panels or beams. 
  • It can be used to construct diverse access and support structures, including stair towers, circular scaffolding, loading towers, and mobile towers.

Durability through Galvanization: 

  • Hot-dip galvanizing is the preferred coating for Cuplock scaffolding, extending its working life and enhancing its operation. 
  • Manufactures the Cuplock System under stringent quality standards, ensuring consistent quality worldwide.

Building the Best Cuplock Scaffolding

This guide empowers Cuplock users to plan and construct the finest Cuplock scaffolding structures. 

It provides in-depth descriptions of components and guidance on designing and building access and support structures. 

For further insights into safe manufacturing procedures, consult the relevant User Manual. For complex applications, reach out to your local branch for expert advice.
1. Ensuring Safety and Quality in Scaffolding

  • Scaffolding systems, including cuplocks, should permanently be erected and dismantled by trained and certified Scaffolders.
  • Also conduct comprehensive training courses covering assembly and inspection of steel scaffolding towers, scaffolding systems, and electrical access. 

2. The Cuplock Locking Procedure

  • At the heart of the Cuplock system lies its unique node point locking device. 
  • This device allows up to four horizontals to be loosely but securely attached to the standard and then locked into position with a single hammer stroke. 
  • Unlike other systems, Cuplock does not rely on loose clips, screws, or wedges.
  • The locking mechanism comprises a fixed bottom cup, welded at 0.5m intervals, and a sliding top cup. 
  • This top cup secures the components horizontally, providing solid contact and ensuring stability. 
  • This innovative node point makes Cuplock installation faster and simpler than other scaffolding systems. 
  • Once the Cuplock accessories structure is upright and level, subsequent lifts are automatically created horizontally and squarely.

The absence of loose components simplifies usage and enhances robustness, while the galvanized finish ensures long-lasting durability.

Exploring Cuplock Accessories

  • One of the standout features of the Cuplock scaffolding system is the simplicity of its component range. 
  • While the horizontal and vertical foundations form the core of all structures, a small number of specialised components allow the creation of complex and safe scaffolding for various access requirements.

 Standard Access (Vertical)

  • Cuplock standard access components are manufactured from high-quality 48.3mm x 3.2mm EN10219 steel tubes. 
  • These standards include fixed low cups at 0.5m intervals, with a rotatable top cup that secures up to four components. 
  • The narrowest bottom cup, located 80mm from the standard base, enhances structural strength and reduces the need for base bracing. 
  • Access standards also feature a 150mm spigot at the top for vertical connections to the front end, along with a lock pin.

 Base and Head Plate

  • Used in conjunction with Universal Jack, the spigot on base plates is drilled to allow tight bolt insertion when necessary.

 Horizontals (Ledgers and Transoms)

All ledgers and transoms have a symmetrical assembly for quick and easy blade tip shaping, ensuring complete component interchangeability. 

Horizontal scales are located in the bottom cup.

– The 2.5m bay is suitable for all common access load conditions.

– The 1.8m horizontal provides added flexibility.

– The 1.3m transoms support a 5-panel platform and can also be used horizontally to create corner returns without overlapping panels.

– Regular horizontals can double as handrails.

 Universal Jack

  • The Universal Jack, with an adjustment of approximately 0.5m, accommodates differences in ground and surface levels for both access and support structures. 
  • It can be attached to the base and headboard, front, or adapter using standard nuts and bolts if needed, with a bearing capacity of 74 kN.

 Intermediate Transoms

  • Intermediate Transoms offer mid-bay support for the 38mm scaffolding boards spanning between internal and external ledgers. 
  • The jaw portion at each end prevents dislocation, and one end features an integrated locking device. 
  • Smaller intermediate transoms are available for use with Hop-up Brackets, bridging the gap between the main scaffold’s internal ledger and the ledger connecting the Hop-up Brackets. 
  • These are used with 2 boards and 3 board hop-up brackets.

 Hop-up Brackets

  • Designed to widen the work platform to seven or eight panels, Hop-up Brackets support two or three additional panels outside the scaffold’s interior. 
  • They include a cup joint on the outer end for the installation of an internal ledger, connecting the two Hop-up brackets and supporting the intermediate crossbar. 
  • These brackets also include a feature to support the railing post.

Leading Cuplock Scaffolding Manufacturers and Suppliers

AAIT Technocraft is a leading manufacturer of Cuplock scaffolding in the USA. They provide a complete range of Cuplock accessories, including standard Cuplock, ledger, bevel and brackets, adjustable levelling jack and U head, Cuplock steel plate, base plate, and more.

They ensure the quality and safety of your Cuplock accessories:

– Cuplock raw materials, including tubes, cups, and ledger blades, are rigorously tested and qualified before production.

– Welding lines adhere to ISO certification standards.

– Regular system scaffold model checks guarantee the compatibility of your Cuplock scaffolding components.

With years of manufacturing and exporting experience, AAIT Technocraft provides Cuplock Scaffolding Accessories of any size throughout the USA.

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