Adjustable Screw Jacks

Every construction site involves scaffold structures to access high heights. It provides a stable working platform for the scaffold users above the ground level. The foundation is built using adjustable screw jacks that allow leveling of the framework on uneven ground. These can be used with either metal or wood scaffolding.

What is a screw jack?

A screw jack, also known as a jackscrew, leveling jack, or screw leg, is operated by turning a screw. It is used to lift moderate to heavy weights, raise and lower the scaffold, and give sturdiness to the entire framework. It provides a strong foundation and a leveled base for scaffold structures. 

Adjustable screw jacks are used in conjunction with adaptors and are capable of bearing loads of the entire system scaffold when braced fully. They have a heavy-duty vertical screw that can bear loads. These jacks have a self-locking system, which means that no matter how much weight is being supported if the rotational force on the screw is removed, it will stay in place and not rotate backward.

Types of Adjustable Screw Jacks

1. Adjustable Base Jack

This is used in the cuplock modular scaffolding system in conjunction with adaptors. It is capable of bearing heavy weights. Its main function is to hold the bottom position of the vertical member of the cuplock system and facilitate the height adjustment at the bottom level.


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Durable
  • Robust construction

2. Universal Jack

It provides a technique of jacking which is utilized at the top or the bottom of the scaffold framework. They are used in conjunction with fork heads, socket bases, and adaptors. Universal jacks provide high strength for operations like lifting, moving, pushing, and supporting loads. 


  • Added protection and security
  • Highly versatile
  • Enhances flexibility of the scaffold

3. Adjustable U-Head Jack

This type of scaffold leveling jack is used to support floor forms and transfer beams. This jack’s threaded attachment provides quick and easy floor-setting adjustment. Its main job is to firmly hold timber beams in the proper position. It also acts as a clamp for other scaffolding equipment


  • Malleable and ductile
  • Strong grip
  • Durable
  • Robust construction

4. Adjustable Base Jack

It can be used with all types of modular scaffolding systems, especially ringlock and cuplock scaffolding. It is used at the bottom of the scaffolding to hold the vertical members of the framework. These are designed for leveling scaffolding and are easy to assemble.


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Ensures stability of the scaffold
  • Highly durable

5. Adjustable Swivel Jack

It is a type of adjustable screw jack that is used for scaffolding on uneven ground. It provides the starting point for a scaffold where the surface is sloppy. It also provides angled support and secures all types of system scaffolding in a variety of installations. 


  • Strong grip at different angles
  • Robust construction
  • Heavy duty

6. Adjustable Four Way-Head

It is used to support steel or timber tubes on the top of the scaffold. It has a high load-bearing capacity. It is also used for supporting the beams in concrete slab support. 


  • Dimensionally stable
  • Malleable and ductile
  • Robust construction

Advantages of using scaffolding leveling jacks

       1. Completely adjustable

As the scaffolding jacks are adjustable, the workers’ needs can be met by making them tighter or looser. Additionally, it has an easy setup process. As a result, it saves the employees’ time and enhances productivity. Since it can be altered in size and height, it can also be relocated from one location to another. It would be sufficient to use a single scaffolding system in various circumstances.

       2. Safe

Adjustable screw jacks are safe scaffold accessories that help to lay down a strong base for the scaffold. They make sure that the platform is firmly in place and that any workers using it will not fall or suffer any sort of injury.

       3. Hold a rigid structure

Scaffolding jacks are used to fix the scaffold framework firmly in place. The jacks must be installed in a specific manner to ensure that the joints are securely fastened and safely. Before beginning their job and using the scaffolding, the employees make sure that the scaffolding jacks are screwed in correctly and tightly.

Final Words

Adjustable screw jacks are used mainly to provide a strong base and a sturdy structure to the scaffold. They are the starting points of construction. Jacks can be used on both- even and uneven ground to level the structure. Thus, they are an important part of scaffolding equipment.

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