AAIT/Technocraft Scaffold Distribution, LLC seeks a Supply Chain Manager in Houston, TX responsible for supporting activities, including arranging product demonstrations, explaining engineering and manufacturing procedures, conducting QA, and discussing assembly processes.

Specific job duties include: 

  • Educating customers on product user manuals, safe erection procedures, product installation guides, and product maintenance
  • Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution to solve problems and providing feedback to manufacturing units to implement enhancements
  • Managing minimum stock inventory for inventory optimization based on anticipated demand changes
  • Monitoring shipments, including customer clearance, dates of departure and arrival, and final delivery to company yards
  • Handling 20 containers per day for clearance and logistics, arranging distribution yard and on time delivery
  • Providing technical and site supervision support to customers
  • Developing container loading plans and providing container unloading plans to international customers

Two (2) years of experience in Supply Chain Management required.

Required experience must include two (2) years working in supply chain management of cuplock, ringlock, safeway, frames, and props as well as performing testing and erection procedures for scaffolding configurations. Experience can be concurrent.

Must know (through coursework, seminars, workshops, or real-world hands-on experience):

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Scaffolding engineering data for quality control
  • Lean manufacturing

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