Tie Scaffolding with wall or stair case unit to ease easy movement with Twist Lock from AAIT. Made of high strength low alloy Structural Steel, this Twist Lock is free from corrosion and also has a hot dip galvanized as well as zinc plated ends.

UseTwist lock are used to tie the scaffold system with wall, stair unit, as bracing, as horizontal rail etc. Tube lock shall be tied by couplers.
MaterialHigh strength low alloy structural steel
FinishZinc plated ends and Hot Dip Galvanized tube
Product CodesSizeWeight In kgsWeight In lbs
ST2SG2'-0" (610 mm)2.55.6
ST3SG3'-0" (915 mm)3.37.3
ST4SG4'-0" (1219 mm)4.19.1
ST5SG5'-0" (1524 mm)4.910.8
ST6SG6'-0" (1829 mm)5.712.6
ST8SG8'-0" (2438 mm)7.316.1
ST10SG10'-0" (3048 mm)8.919.6
ST13SG13'-0" (3962 mm)11.324.8
ST16SG16'-0" (4877 mm)13.730.1