Avail the easy to assemble and hot dip galvanized Ringlock Ledger/Horizontals and support your Scaffold’s capacity as well as labour productivity. From the house of AAIT, it comes with high strength low alloy structural steel which strengthens Scaffold’s manpower handling capacity.

UseLedgers are the horizontal members of Ringlock scaffolding. They provide horizontal support for loads and planks. Ledgers can also be used as mid rail and top or hand guard rails.
MaterialHigh strength low alloy structural steel
FinishHot dipped galvanized
Product CodesSizeWeight In kgsWeight In lbs
RL-10-3050.305 m. (1')2.004.40
RL-22-650.650 m. (2'-1.6'')3.297.25
RL-24-730.732 m. (2'-4.813'')3.607.93
RL-25-750.75 0 m. (2'-5'')3.668.06
RL-290.838 m. (2'-9'')4.008.81
RL-2100.864 m. (2'-10'')4.109.02
RL-2110.880 m. (2'-11'')4.179.19
RL-300.914 m. (3'-0")4.289.42
RL-330.990 m. (3'-3'')4.7710.51
RL-361.067 m. (3'-6")4.8510.67
RL-36S1.088 m. (3'-6.813'')4.9010.80
RL-310S1.150 m. (3'-10'')5.1511.33
RL-401.219 m. (4'-0")5.4211.92
RL-431.286 m. (4'-3'')5.9213.05
RL-471.400 m. (4'-7")6.1013.42
RL-4101.484 m. (4'-10'')6.7014.74
RL-501.524 m. (5'-0")6.5614.43
RL-521.572 m. (5'-2'')6.7414.82
RL-541.626 m. (5'-4'')6.9315.24
RL-601.829 m. (6'-0")7.716.94
RL-692.072 m. (6'-9")8.6118.94
RL-702.133 m. (7'-0")8.8319.43
RL-802.438 m. (8'-0")9.9721.93
RL-822.500 m. (8'-'2")10.2022.44
RL-862.572 m. (8'-6")10.523.1
RL-902.743 m. (9'-0")11.124.42
RL-9103.000 m. (9'-10")12.026.4
RL-1003.048 m. (10'-0")12.427.28